ultimate fashionistas homeThere are many things that give people insight into who you are, and one is how you dress. Aside from this, however, is your home. Your property can also tell a person a lot about your personality and interests. Often, the way that a space is designed is inspired by your personal style as well as things that you value. You may be at a point where you’re bored with your home design and want to try something different, or perhaps you want to be more creative. If you need some inspiration, here are five things that you could find in the ultimate fashionistas home.

1. Wardrobe

As every fashionista likely has an impressive number of clothes, shoes, and accessories, they’re likely to have the ideal closet! If this is something you want to revamp in your home, a few suggestions for the perfect wardrobe include:

  • wardrobe verticalAssess Your Needs: Before building the perfect wardrobe, you’ve got to assess what your needs are. More specifically, take a look at how much space you’re going to need to comfortably fit all of your belongings and any more you’ll acquire. Other details you need to decide on is whether you’d prefer to hang your clothes or fold them. Also think about shelf space, how you’ll store your shoes and where accessories will go.
  • Choose Furniture Style: The next big decision you’ll need to make is choosing between fitting or free-standing furniture. If you want to be able to customize your space and increase storage, then fitted may be ideal although more expensive. Those who are on a budget should use shelves and storage boxes in replacement of drawers. Rest assured that there are ways to maximize your wardrobe in case you’re worried about that.
  • Include Open Storage: If you don’t want things tucked away and would instead have your favorite items on display, then include open storage instead. An open display cabinet will be the perfect solution if you want to do this. Foldable items often do best on display while things like belts and scarves can be put into container storage.
2. Attractive Windows

As a fashion lover, you likely pay attention to the little details as that influences the finished product. With that in mind, beautiful windows and blinds or curtains are another feature you’re likely to find in a fashionista’s home. To achieve good looking windows, ensure that they aren’t cracked, worn, or dated. If they are, search online for “home window replacement near me” so that you can find a company that will give you brand new windows at an affordable price.

In terms of curtain ideas, so that the rooms get enough sunlight, buy light and sheer ones. If you want to make a statement, fruit-inspired curtains could liven up your space.

3. Vanity Table

One of the most glamorous pieces of furniture that you can have inside of your house is a vanity table. In case you don’t know what it is, it’s a dressing table where you can get ready and do your makeup.

  • mirrorConsider it’s Features: When choosing a vanity table, think about your needs. Some features you may want are a mirror and a bench so you can sit down comfortably and look at yourself while you get ready — the number of drawers and amount of storage space it has matter as well. Modern vanity tables tend to have warm and pleasant glows and can double as decoration.
  • Pick a Match to Your Décor: Your overall design theme should match with whatever vanity table you get. Think about the color and material of the table and ensure it meshes well with your wardrobe and bedroom design.
4. Wall Art

The wall art that you choose to put around your home is a good reflection of your personal style too. So, select interesting pieces that make a big statement. To choose the right wall art for your living room, buy something that you like, and that will thrill you every day. If your space is more traditional, choose a contemporary piece to brighten it up. A last tip is to avoid trying to match your art with the room but instead, use art to contrast the space.

5. Furniture

The furniture that you choose in the multiple places in your home can tell a lot about you as a person. Choose pieces that make your living room and bedrooms stand out whether it’s a sofa, bed, or side table. These days, it’s all about minimalist looks, so multifunctional furniture is a great choice.

This is also a way of making the most of your space as opposed to cluttering it with furniture that you really don’t need. So that you’re not changing your furniture too often, buy timeless pieces.

Creating the ultimate fashionista home is possible when you take into account the items above. Don’t be afraid, however, to put your own stamp on your property!