9 Of The Hottest Summer 2019 TrendsAh, Summer! This season promises great weather, BBQ cookouts, and beach days galore, so swap your puffy jackets and boots with your best summery threads.

From hair accessories to playful prints, there are many ways you can stay stylish this Summer without having to wear the same plain clothes. To help you, we’ve compiled a list nine of the hottest Summer 2019 trends to help inspire a new look.

1. Barrettes, Scrunchies, and Bows

Now is the time to experiment with different hairstyles and accessories. If you used to adorn your hair with butterfly clips, this trend is for you. Go old school and rock a ’90s scrunchie or find colorful barrettes to tie your outfit together.

Not for you? Then why not pull a Minnie Mouse and wear a bow in your hair to add charm to your ensemble.

2. Oversized Hats and Bucket Hats

If you use Instagram this Summer, there’s no doubt you would have seen a Jacques La Bomba hat. It’s an over-sized, floppy hat that oozes sophistication especially when paired with a maxi dress or a swimsuit. Now many brands are following suit by producing their own oversized hats and it has become one of the more prominent 2019 trends.

Also, bucket hats are no longer reserved for rappers or the 90s, bucket hats have made a comeback. Stay cool this Summer, in both terms of the word, and find a bucket hat to fit every occasion.

Choose a funky bucket hat for a festival or a neutral, block color for a casual day by the pool.

3. Fancy Flats

Is that a sigh of relief? At last, we don’t need sky-high heels to complete an outfit as the fashion gods have answered our prayers. Instead, find a pair of fancy flats to show you’re in style without compromising your comfort. These flats will keep your feet comfortable and stylish.
You can match a pair of flats with a fancy gown for a special occasion, or wear embroidered flats with a colorful coat for a playful look. This is one of the best of 2019 fashion trends and we can’t wait to start shopping for unique flats.

4. Linen Trousers

Nothing screams sophistication than white linen trousers. They conjure images of St. Tropez in the Summer and blends ‘elegance’ and ‘casual’. Linen trousers are versatile and you can dress it up with a cute top or a simple blouse during the day. It’s also wise to add a light-weight belt to complete your look. As for shoes, either go European with classic espadrilles or a pair of sandals or loafers.

5. Puffed Shoulders

Rather than the padded, boxy shoulderspopular in the 80s, Summer is all about the puff. Puffier shoulders gather at the shoulder with pleats of elastic and contrast well with square necklines and feminine dresses. If puff shoulders feel like it’s reserved for the catwalk, think again! You can pair a floral halter top with puff shoulders and tight skinny jeans for a casual look. Or, for a more formal occasion, why not invest in a puff shoulder jumpsuit to make a statement?

6. Cycling Shorts

From the cycle path to the runway, celebs are rocking bicycle shorts to dress down an outfit. If you’re not sure where to start, try basic black cycle shorts with a logo waistband for a casual look. Like cycling itself, styling an outfit with cycling shorts is all about balance. For example, wear a blazer and classic button-down shirt to make cycling shorts business-friendly and kitten heels to complete the transformation.

For a feminine look, wear a loose-fitted blouse with floral patterned cycling shorts. For those feeling more adventurous, why not pair a leather cycle shorts with an animal print top?

7. Animal Prints

Talking about animal prints, this style is having a major moment and has become one of the biggest fashion trends of 2019. Fashion powerhouses like Roberto Cavalli, Burberry, Gucci, and Tom Ford have all been inspired by the animal kingdom. Join the pack and channel your inner cheetah, zebra, or snakeskin for a unique ensemble. Spending plenty of time down the beach? Show off your playful side with a halter crop bikini complete with an animal print trim.

8. Print Mash-Up

If rocking animal print isn’t for you, why not experiment with other patterns? Don’t be shy! Now is the time to whip out that crazy, colorful top and whacky bottoms and match them together. In the fashion world, clashing is often a no-no but this Summer fashion trend has made it a powerful look.

9. Boiler Suits

Originally designed as a protective garment from manual labor, boiler suits have crept onto the runways. Not sure how to pull it off? The secret is picking the right cut and color that suits you best. Lucky for you, these boiler suits come in a range of styles and colors so you won’t be short on choices.

Are You Ready to Embrace the Summer 2019 Trends?

The Summer 2019 trends have given us an eclectic range of trends to play with. If you often play it safe, why not introduce neon or animal print into your wardrobe? Now’s the time to create an outfit out of your cycle shorts or vintage boiler suit.

If you’re like us and love fashion, we’d love to hear from you. Check us out here for everything fashion, from news to tips, we’ve got you covered.