kitchenKeeping up with fashion doesn’t just mean following the latest trends in clothing and accessories – staying on top of fashionable home design trends is also a huge part. With the modern home constantly evolving, getting an idea of what it’s evolving to means taking a peek at what’s going on within the four walls. So, with that in mind – let’s look at some of the hottest trends in interior design for this year.

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Take your kitchen in two different style directions by utilizing the popular trend of two-tone kitchen cabinets. Keeping your upper cabinets white or another neutral color will give them a timeless, clean feel whilst you can play with different wood tones and deeper colors when it comes to the cupboards and lower cabinets to create a striking contrast.

Colored Stainless Steel Appliances

If you’re considering giving your kitchen a full renovation, you might be pleased to hear that you don’t just have boring white or metallic silver to choose from when it comes to your appliances. More and more manufacturers are understanding the importance of giving their customers more color choice to ensure that their appliances don’t look out of place in the kitchen.

Statement Mirrors in Bathrooms

Boring and plain bathroom mirrors have been given the boot, with more and more homeowners opting to replace them with statement mirrors. Think ornate vintage framed mirrors, distressed wood, or backlit modern glass to create a whole new look in your bathroom.


When it comes to décor, homeowners are ditching fancy accent walls, fussy colors and patterns in favor of the minimalist style. Neutral colors are becoming more prevalent with accent walls being less contrasting to the remaining three and elaborate accessories are being swapped for simpler alternatives.


Adding a sunroom to your home is a trend that many homeowners are catching on to, especially with summer just around the corner. A sunroom is a top dream space for many homeowners, giving them a space in their home that’s perfectly drenched in sun where they can sit and relax to soak up the warmth. For more information on adding a custom sunroom to your home, visit

Crisp White

Although creams and off-white colors have been the choice of many homeowners for years, crisp, bright white is making a return as a major color of choice for those looking to redecorate. In order to avoid a look that’s too sterile for the home, many decorators are choosing to pair crisp white walls, countertops and cabinets with colorful accent walls, tiles, floors or accessories.

Living Space Bathrooms

Basic white and blue or beige is a fading out as a trend for bathroom spaces as many homeowners choose to decorate their bathrooms in such a way that they’re more of a living space. Graphic wallpapers, wall art, statement mirrors, furniture pieces and ornate lighting accessories are great ways of turning a once sterile bathroom space into one which feels more like home.

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