Les Hommes MF1439MILAN, Jan 12, 2014/ — If Jil Sander went without neckties, Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch, the design duo behind Les Hommes made it the accessory de rigueur for men this Fall 2014.

The silhouette is slim and tight fitting. There is no room for mistakes or any extra pounds. The Les Hommes gents are ready to take the world. And interestingly enough, they plan to do it in Wall Street or the Texas prairie.

Because though one half of the collection is meant for boardroom denizens with their three-piece suits, the third piece being a pullover, the other half is a little bit rugged, though still a metro man. The cowboy scarf and the ten-gallon hat worn with a suit is just perfect for John Ross Ewing, the new man to beat in the continuation of the “Dallas” saga.

Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch did not take any chances. They are dressing the new ruling class – bourgeoisie in the city and in the country.

Photos courtesy of Camera Moda