Moncler Poldo Dog CoutureWith the season’s first snowstorm raging, the winter collection for Moncler Poldo Dog Couture is hitting store shelves. Some will say that timing could not be better; others will say otherwise.

Yet, no matter what side you’re on, if you are a dog owner, the arrival of this mini collection for our four-legged friends, to ensure that they can face harsh winters in perfect warmth and total comfort is a godsend.

Yes, our pooches can take cold weather better than us humans, thanks to their thick fur. But, contrary to popular belief, dogs also feel the cold. So, yes, the arrival of Moncler Poldo Dog Couture collection with the fall of the first snow of the season was perfect timing.

Part of the Moncler Genius initiative, the Moncler Poldo Dog Couture is a project entirely dedicated to man’s best friend, for which the brand has designed – in collaboration with Poldo Dog Couture – a mini collection for our four-legged friends to keep them warm this winter.

Point of reference for this collection is the famed Moncler classic down jackets, that have now also been extended to include others colors and to be able to dress all ‘our best friends’.

The clothing features the brand’s most iconic material of all, the nylon laqué and the range of colors has been enriched to introduce new hues, ranging from light blue to baby pink and fuchsia.

The waistcoats have been interpreted in two variations: the reversible version comes with a hood and is available in two-tone red and blue, whilst the waistcoat with a practical detachable hood is made in the French flag tricolor. The French flag tricolor in fact also appears in the tape used for the collar and the matching leash. For less chilly days, there is a hoodie presented in bright blue or red colors and animated by contrasting trimmings and by Moncler’s writings.

MONCLER POLDO DOG COUTURE is available from November 15th in Moncler boutiques, and in selective wholesale networks worldwide.