Fashion New York Runway Show

NOVIS Fall 2014

NOVIS F14On Friday, February 7th, at 404 NYC, Novis designer and 2014 Ecco Domani Fashion Fund Award Winner Jordana Warmflash presented her Autumn/Winter 2014 collection.

The Novis Autumn/Winter 2014 collection took inspiration from Bauhaus artist Paul Klee, using a palette of warm Earth tones, watercolor landscape prints, and plaids in rich textures, such as velvet devore and cashmere.

Key details included rubber tweed appliqués and hand embroidered/beaded accents on evening pieces. Looks were accessorized with fine jewelry by Yael Sonia. The presentation shoes were a collaboration between Novis and Gio Diev. Each pair was handmade in Italy utilizing prints from the Novis Autumn/Winter 2014.

This collection further played on Warmflash’s signature aesthetic of uptown elegance meets downtown eclecticism. Novis Autumn/Winter 2014 combines impeccable tailoring in feminine cuts with original prints in luxurious fabrics for a collection that is both modern and timeless.


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