Sewing is not just for fashion designers and grandma’s sitting at home making quilts. Lots of craft projects benefit from the versatility offered by fabrics. There is more than one type of fabric. Depending on your project, you may even use more than one. Here are some popular types of fabric.


Cotton is still a mainstay when it comes to fabric. The fibers are durable. The material is relatively inexpensive. The fabric can be used for a variety of purposes from quilts to dresses to tablecloths. The CDC recommends using 100% cotton material for face mask coverings. Fabric stores Long Beach CA have a wide variety of cotton materials to choose from.


No, we aren’t talking about that crushed velvet suit you wore to prom. The smooth feeling of velvet has more popular uses today. Give anything a luxurious appeal with velvet. The heavy material is warm, elegant and comfortable. Take your winter and fall wear up a notch with a blazer or skirt.


Knit fabrics work great for clothes especially shirts. The material stretches wonderfully making it a prime choice for clothing. Knit fabrics cover a wide range of properties. For stronger, less stretchy material, look for a warp-knitted fabric. For a comfortable, stretchy material, choose weft-knitted fabrics. Knit makes great sportswear.


Few materials say luxury like silk. The soft, cool feel against your skin is unique. The material wicks away moisture. Make just about anything elegant and lustrous with silk fabric. Fashion a new scarf or lingerie. Create a wall hanging, curtain or rug to reimagine any room.


Add style and flair with twill. The specific weave of twill ranges from lightweight to heavy to denim. So, make some blue jeans. Or use the robust material to tackle a new outerwear garment. Accessorize with a new tie made of lightweight twill.


Linen is perfect for warm summer days. The material is made from flax fibers. It is durable and versatile. Go beyond the fun of clothes. Use
it to furnish upholstery covers or tea towels. It even works well for bedding material. The lighter material makes great drapes and curtains perfect for letting in a little light to brighten the room.


Beyond lingerie, lace fabric is feminine and delicate. The transparent material beautifies wedding dresses or creates a decorative window covering. These popular fabrics are versatile enough for use by fashion designers and crafters alike. With more time spent at home, perhaps it’s time to try working with a new one.

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