Step Out in Style: 7 Summer Shoe Trends That Are Dominating in 2019
Closeup details of summer female casual street style outfit with luxury bag, skirt and high-heels. Fashionable girl standing at New York City street.

With summer in full swing, 2019 has a host of beautiful summer shoe trends you need to know about.

From lounging at pool parties to walks in the park, there are a plethora of shoes to fit your style and budget. As we all know though, it is easy to unleash the inner shop-a-holic that lurks within us all. However if you stick to a simple monthly budget template, you should be able to stay within your financial means and avoid that tempting credit card.

As you prepare for summer, you’ll need a guide on what to look for and where to get your shoe fix.

We here at Fashion Windows are eager to show you the latest and greatest shoe trends. So follow along and marvel at the styles!

The 7 Summer Shoe Trends You Need to Know About

Summer should be about freedom. The freedom to go out, enjoy the sunshine and warmth, and have the fun you want to have.

The summer shoes of 2019 are all about getting out there and looking your best. Here are the 7 summer shoe trends you need to keep an eye on.

1. Naked Shoes

Naked shoes come in all sizes, from small ankle length to far up the calf. No matter how big they are, one thing that is never large about them is their straps.

The thin and delicate straps allow the naked shoes to feel like they’re not even there, giving you a weightless motion to your summer.

2. Square Toes

The square toes are a wide group, from ankle boots to leather mules. Their obvious connection is their squared off toe.

The angular design of these shoes took the runway by storm and they have yet to leave the fashion collective.

3. Leather Sliders

For the simple and elegant, leather sliders are classy little sandals with no heel back.

These little shoes are great when you’re on the go. They also give your feet excellent breathing room while remaining simple and comfortable.

4. Slingback Block Heels

Bringing things back to a little more formal of taste, the slingback block heels are a great way to keep the business casual look as you’re out and about this summer.

For those who prefer a little more structure and comfort to their shoe, these are a perfect elegant step up from the sandal.

5. Thick Strap Sandals

For durable quality and plush comfort, thick strap sandals are a fantastic summer buy.

They work well in both a rugged, outdoor setting as well as a more classy patio scene. They look marvelous in black and can keep an outfit grounded without being pretentious.

6. White Plimsoles

A simple and marvelous example of elegance, the white plimsole is the quintessential summer shoe.

The white plimsole is great for any terrain, any setting, and almost any outfit. If you have any doubt as to what direction to go, go with this one.

7. The Dad Sneakers

The most bizarre but super successful shoe fashion trend has been the “Dad Sneaker”.

Big and bulky, these shoes may seem clunky but have been all the rage across the world for their casual nature.

Casual doesn’t need to mean low quality. From the dad sneakers to any other shoe on this list, the top fashion designers have the style you need to keep you covered.

From Saint Laurent to Cristòbal Balenciaga, when you want the brand and quality to match your trend, shop the collection at SSENSE to get everything you’ll ever need.

Never-Ending Summer Fun

Summer shoe trends can be a tricky group to navigate. Now, you’re ready to take on summer in style.

For the eye on all things trendy and fashion, you can count on Fashion Windows to show you what you need.