walking in heelsNowadays, we can often find ourselves needing to walk in heels all day. From business meetings to just putting together the right outfit which needs a pair of heels, there are many reasons why you might be looking at a day in heels. Here are some of our top tips to help you stay walking in heels all day long.

Pick the Right Heels

One of the most important factors in being able to walk in heels all day long is the shoe itself. If you are able to find a shoe which is comfortable and easy to walk in at the beginning of the day then it will be a while before your feet begin to hurt.

Choosing heels like these would be a good choice, especially if you choose something with a blocky heel. Head Over Heels sources high-quality heels at amazing prices which is really reflected in the wearability of the shoe. If you struggle to walk in heels right now, consider looking at their shoes as you may find a comfortable pair there that completely change up your heel game.

Practice at Home

walking in heelsNever buy a new pair of heels and then try to wear them for the first night out at an important event. This is one guaranteed way to have to take them off or swap them out too early. All you need to do is wear them around the house to wear them in a little bit.

Try to wear them on as many surfaces as possible. Walking in heels on carpet is a very different experience to walking on wood or tile and you need to make sure that you can master walking in this way. You should also practice going up and down stairs if you can as this is tricky and you may need to go slowly until you have the hang of it.

Take It Small and Slow

You will probably need to develop a different walking style for heels than you would use if you were wearing flats. When you see women dancing or running in heels, they are able to do so because they have had a lot of practice doing so. You need to find your own stride before you are able to even think about moving quickly.

The first thing you should do is take smaller steps. This might occur very naturally as heels make your stride shorter, but you should also adapt it to be a little slower than your usual gait. You should also try to walk heel to toe instead of putting your foot down flat as if you were wearing trainers. This will help you control your steps.

Pick a Height You are Comfortable With

No-one started wearing stilettos the very first time they put heels on. If you know that you cannot walk in tall heels, do not put yourself through the agony of trying to wear them. There are many fashionable and comfortable low heels and even kitten heels that you could try instead. If you would rather keep things short and sweet, there is never going to be a shortage of shoes for you to try.

These are just some of the tips we can offer to help you walk in heels. There are so many different types of shoe out there and many people make walking in high heels look completely effortless. However, if you cannot walk in these types of heels then there is little chance that you will manage to stay in them all day. Pick a pair you can manage and make sure you break them in properly for maximum success.