Exhaustion is real. In fact, around 43 percent of Americans are too tired to function at work.

One of the key reasons for heightened fatigue is stress. Give yourself a spa at home to help ease the chronic hustle and bustle of everyday life.

To get started, take a look at this guide to home spa day essentials to help you plan the perfect rejuvenation.

Prep Your Space

No one wants to think about cleaning at the end of a long workday. To prepare your home for your spa day, it’s important to straighten up your space in advance.

Clutter surrounding your bedroom or living room can reverse the effects of the spa day. A light vacuum and picking up around the room will open up the space making you feel less anxious when you sit down to pamper yourself.

If you don’t have the time to clean, choose the room in your home that’s least cluttered. This might require adding comfortable furniture to the space to get it ready for your ‘me’ day.

Find the Right Furniture

It’s tough to have a spa day using your bed as a seat. With no back support, some treatments become uncomfortable over time.

Choose a cozy armchair or kitchen chair to sit in while you paint your nails or soak your feet. The couch is also a good option because it gives you access to tables around the living room to hold your supplies.

What to Wear?

In a real spa, you’d strip down to your bare essentials to get treatments. Spas also provide slides to help you quickly get into and out of your shoes when you need to.

An at-home spa is a time to feel cozy. Put on your favorite oversized t-shirt and shorts or a soft robe to get the full experience.

Slides or flip flops help protect freshly soaked feet if you need to run to the restroom during a pedicure.

Home Spa Day Essentials

Spa days are a great chance to pamper yourself whether you’re looking to splurge or on a tight budget. With these spa day essentials, you can create a full day of your favorite treatments.


Once you’ve cleared your space of clutter, fill it with relaxing music. Spas often use new age and classical music playlists but in your home spa, you can get far more creative.

Choose a music playlist that elevates your mood to energize yourself during your treatments. You want to destress, but not fall asleep as soon as your butt hits the chair.


One of the best tools for relaxation during an at-home spa day is aromatherapy. Most people rely on candles to create a calming atmosphere and provide good smells to the room.

Candles provide a good visual focal point for meditation while replacing bad lighting in a room. Diffusers are also a good option for aromatherapy if you have essential oils.

Hot Towels

Hot towels make all the difference during a spa day. They soothe tired eyes and stressed feet lulling you into deep relaxation.

Use a crockpot to keep your towels warm during your treatments. You’ll want to swap out the towels every so often as they turn cold.

Adding a few drops of essential oils to the towels adds to their aromatherapy benefits. After a pedicure, wrap each foot in a hot towel to help ease the muscles in your feet and ankles.

Foot Bath

Get your foot bath ready by heating up a gallon of water to almost boiling. Begin by filling up your tub halfway with warm water and gradually adding the hot water to suit your temperature preference.

Epson salts are a great addition to soothe your soles if you suffer from swelling. Essential oils and a touch of baking soda are also helpful in combating or preventing foot fungus.

Soak your feet for around 20 minutes to give your skin a chance to soften before scrubbing. Blend sugar, essential oils, and olive oil to create an inexpensive foot scrub at the end of your soak.

Face Mask

No spa day is complete without a face mask. Many spas use an exfoliating mask as a deep cleansing facial.

If you’re on a budget, choose from a variety of household products to create a homemade mask based on your skin type. Dry skin can benefit from a rich mask of avocado, oats, and honey.

To smooth out uneven skin, a blend of plain yogurt, honey and turmeric will help your face appear more toned. Adaptogen moisturizers are a great final addition to your facial as they help the skin better respond to stress in the body.


Massagers help you spot treat stressed areas on your body. Small tools like a jade roller are perfect for easing the muscles in your face from frown lines.

Larger massagers are perfect for your back and legs while your feet soak. Always choose a battery-powered or manual massager.

Plugin massagers leave you with the headache of searching for a nearby outlet. Short cords limit your range of motion leaving you with more stress than you started.

Manage Your Relaxation

The home spa day essentials list can be dressed up or down depending on how long you want the pampering to last. Remember not to get too ambitious with treatments on your first try or the spa day can quickly turn into a chore.

After all, someone will have to clean up the leftover mask ingredients, towels, and supplies. Choosing no more than three treatments on your first home spa day will help you keep the cleanup process manageable.

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