Luis Gabriel Aponte F1402Luis Gabriel Aponte: Student, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Fashion Design, Miami International University of Art & Design

Luis Gabriel Aponte left his native Puerto Rico to pursue fashion design at Miami International University of Art & Design in 2012, and showcased his designs at a number of school events including the Cool vs. Cruel competition, in which he was the national grand prize winner in 2013.

Luis specializes in womenswear, cocktail dresses and special event attire, and his aesthetic is feminine, sophisticated and elegant.

“For Fall/Winter 2014, I am presenting a collection for a woman who is not afraid of being noticed. This collection, entitled Metamorphosis, is inspired by the colors, textures and unique wing designs of butterflies,” he says.

“Using these elements as a guide, I designed and created one-of-a kind fabrics for the pieces.”

Luis Gabriel Aponte F1401