Long and luscious lashes are feminine, so it’s no surprise the lash extension market is booming.

In fact, it’s more than booming. The lash extension industry is projected to become a $1.5 billion industry by 2025.

But before you book your appointment, familiarize yourself with how to clean your eyelash extensions. Improper cleaning can prevent your extensions from looking radiant.

We have outlined the top tips for maintaining your eyelash extensions below. Let’s explore.

1. Avoid Touching Your Eyelash Extensions

After treating yourself to a volumizing Lash Lift Kit, it can be tempting to play with your gorgeous new lashes. But that is a major no-no.

Avoid touching your extensions as much as possible. It is especially critical not to touch them for the first few hours after your appointment.

Your fingers have oils on them that can damage the extensions and your natural lashes. Try to avoid rubbing your eyes or picking at your lashes as much as possible.

2. Keep Your Lashes Dry for 48 Hours

The key to maintaining your eyelash extensions is to keep them dry for at least the first 48 hours. Don’t take a shower, avoid steamy environments (like a sauna), and don’t go jumping into a pool.

Lash extensions need at least 24 hours to set, but keeping them dry for 48 hours can prevent problems and extend their lifespan.

3. Steer Clear of Oil-Based Makeup Remover

Oil-based makeup remover is powerful, but it can damage eyelash extensions. The more oil you apply, the less voluptuous your extensions will look.

Most people use an oil-based remover to scrub away waterproof makeup. But if your lashes are done right, you shouldn’t need to apply any mascara to your eyelashes. 

If you want to plump them up a bit for a special occasion, stick with non-waterproof products that are easy to wash off.

4. Brush Your Lashes

Just like you brush your hair, it’s essential to give your lashes a good brushing, too. When cleaning your eyelash extensions at home, use spoolies to detangle your long lashes. You can find spoolies at a drugstore or beauty supply shop.

There is no need to brush your lashes every night. Most specialists recommend brushing them as-needed. If you notice fraying or tangling, give your lashes a soft and gentle brushing.

5. Use a Satin Pillowcase

Satin pillowcases are ideal for maintaining youthful-looking skin, but they are also excellent for lash extensions. They keep lashes moist and strong, so your extensions can look beautiful for longer.

When sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, the extensions can get pulled, twisted, and caught on the fabric. This causes pre-lash shedding, bald spots, and damaged lash extensions.

How to Clean Your Eyelash Extensions & More Fashion Advice

Once you understand how to clean your eyelash extensions, it’s time to invest in a pair. Natural eyelash extensions can give your eyes that extra pop they are missing.

Whether you are cleaning your eyelash extensions at home or looking for the best winter face cream, our fashion and beauty blog has the advice you need. Start exploring now.