Pedro Garcia F15 (1)Equal parts primitive allure, modern Viking and boho luxe. A group that’s both cozy and wild, inspired by a revitalizing spirit of ethnic power meets fantasy. Boots and bags in the unique double-sided Spanish churra lambskin, with long, silky-soft strands of fur bursting through their seams.

This season the open-toe knee high boots appear exclusively in gray fox and black, like the rest of the group. Shades that transport them from the carpeted halls of oriental palaces to the busy streets of the most westernized cities.

Fierce and fascinating urban folk. Their companions in the group, fleecy flat ankle boots with tasseled laces that seem unable to contain their own furry lining, are tougher and more down-to-earth, ready and able to take everything the interminable days of winter can throw at them.

The group is completed by the Companion tote, a warm furry bag that could become your inseparable friend during the coldest months of the year . Zhuzh up your winter wardrobe!

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