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Valentine’s Day for Young Love

MIANSAI Gold Plated Anchor Bracelet

MIANSAI Gold Plated Anchor Bracelet

DALLAS, Jan 26, 2014/ — While the twenty-somethings and older have E.L. James’ “ Fifty Shades of Grey ”, teens and young adults have C.L. Stone’s “The Academy ”, a series of books about young love. And guys out here in the real world can learn something from the fictional Academy boys on how to treat their special girl.

Case in point, in the book, Victor Morgan did not how Sang Sorenson, the heroine felt about him. But, he was crazy about her and bought her a friendship bracelet. If you like a girl, take a cue from Victor and get your girl the MIANSAI Gold Plated Anchor Bracelet in red leather. ($85) It is the perfect way to say “I like you.”

Screw Cuff bracelet

Screw Cuff bracelet

Now, if you’ve been going to steady for about a year or more, make sure everyone else knows that she’s yours by putting a Screw Cuff bracelet on her wrist. Available in brass, sterling silver, rose gold ($185-$365)

Been together for 3-5 years? It’s no longer young love, but the beginning of a real romance and time to put a ring on it. If you’re not ready yet for diamonds, the Screw Cuff ring will tell the world that you have claimed her as yours. Available in brass, sterling silver, rose gold ($165-$1,200)

Still going strong after 10 years? Then it is time to get the big guns and present her the Hudson Cuff. Inspired by Elizabeth Taylor and named after her long time friend Rock Hudson, the limited edition Hudson Cuff is available in solid 18K white, yellow or rose gold. ($13, 995)

Had a fight? Broken up? Want her back? Let her know how bittersweet it is. The Razor Blade Necklace in 14K gold shows just how much she hurt you and just how much you still love her. If $760 is too much for an ex, try the Razor Blade Necklace in sterling silver for $185.

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